knowledge is a moth…

Bug Cinema, 10pm (3rd July 2012)

‘…knowledge is a moth…the moths are the heralds, or better yet, the guardians of eternity…the moths carry a dust on their wings, a dark gold dust. That dust is the dust of knowledge…The moths have been the intimate friends and helpers of sorcerers from time immemorial. Moths are the givers of knowledge and the friends and helpers.’

– Carlos Castaneda (from the book Tales of Power, 1974)

species: tbc
family: Geometridae
common name: Banded Moth / inchworm

species: Tortricidia testacea
family: Limacodidae
common name: Warm-chevroned / Slug Moth

Slowly but surely the moth identification is happening – facilitated by Heather’s expertise through daily correspondence. I’ve become very much at home in the forest after dark and the moths (and other insects) in the shifting vicinities of my portable glow lab seem curious of the light. However, I’ve yet to encounter any species that I would regard as particularly ‘exotic’. For example I’m still waiting for a glimpse of the Lunar Moth which apparently inhabits the area.

We’re in the middle of another heat wave up here in the Northern Catskills (95 degrees+) and the earth is bone dry – good conditions for forest fires. After having a conversation with an ecologist at the Agroforestry Centre today, I learn that it seems the diversity of moths at the moment is likely limited due to the dryness of the atmosphere. So, maybe a day of rain might be of benefit…?

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